You don’t need a fancy pants agency.

We help you focus your marketing so you can SELL more. 

Content Marketing

Create pieces that educate and inspire your customers, and you’ll often be their first choice when they need something in your industry.

Social Media

Your Granny is on Social Media, and so are all your customers. Your business can’t afford to be invisible or even worse, annoying. We create the coolest, most effective posts.


Everything starts with ideas. We research, analyse and then write everything you could need… the words on your website, press releases, radio and video scripts, editorials…you name it, we write it.


We combine WORDS with GRAPHICS that pop eyeballs and stop thumbs from scrolling past your business.


Everyone wants one but has no idea how to begin. Our 22 years of entrepreneurial experience allows us to create you a site that SELLS!


With platforms like Shopify & WooCommerce, it is easier than ever to go into E-commerce.
The technology is there, but it is “WORDS” that hold most people back. Where to start? We write all the “WORDS” on the site helping to make the abandoned shopping cart a thing of the past

a "LIKE" is not a SALE

Stop telling everyone you are "Hustling like Gary Vee"
Stop saying "Happy Monday!"
Stop talking about cool double espressos.

Talk about your business.
Show your customers how much you care.
Show them how you can help.

You can do this.
You don't need a fancy pants agency.


Prices from...
R 2500
  • Writing
  • Layout
  • Marketing
  • Hosting

Social Media

Monthly retainers from
R 7500
  • Post creation
  • Writing
  • Paid Ads
  • Social listening

Custom Writing

Projects from
R 9000
  • Research
  • unlimited revisions
  • 100% happiness
  • Local knowledge
You don't need a fancy pants agency.
You can do this...

A little about me.

I started my own Litho and Digital print business, Creative Print World in 1996 and sold it to Mariannhill Mission Press in 2012 where I stayed on to serve as Managing Director until 2017.   

I then left to start Monk Media, a full-service marketing consultancy focusing on helping small business and non-profits. 

Army of One is my new company that empowers customers to elevate their marketing efforts and then maintain them on their own without incurring crazy ongoing costs.  

When I’m not writing or hanging out with my family, you will find me reading or bodyboarding or wishing I was a better chess player.,


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